B E E N | M A D E

It all started long ago. Since I can remember, I have always been into thrifting
and vintage clothing, and have always been fascinated by fabrics, textures, and
how clothes were made, so I wanted to express my own creativity by reusing
my favorite brands and turning them into entirely new and exclusive fashion
pieces, while also raising awareness about the importance of sustainable
Been Made is about recycled fashion and exceptional style, but I believe there’s
another dimension to it with an unlimited potential, and that is the capability
of delivering a message, both for the person that wears my clothes and for any
of the casual observers.
My aim is to inspire individuals to gain courage, love themselves, and motivate
them to chase a better future, so they can be who they are meant to be and do
what they are meant to do.
I want my clothes to help you cut through the everyday noise and bring mind
clarity, peace, and inspiration to separate from the flock, so you can finally live
by your own standards and reach your full potential, while motivating others to
do the same.
It’s amazing how powerful a message can be, especially when gone viral by
taking it to the streets and making it a personal statement.
That’s what Been Made is all about: passion, empowerment, and motivating
everyone to become independent human beings.


We are all about fashion with a purpose. You’ll see, for us it’s just not about
what you wear, but also about what message you convey through your fashion,
and we feel very passionate about it.
Our products are paired with a message. A message that is meant to remind
our customers about the importance of courage, and making your own
decisions, despite what’s expected from you. We design fashion for bold people
and trendsetters, who believe in taking control of their own destiny, and live a
life of their own.
We also know that when it comes to fashion, quality matters. That’s why we go
the extra mile to make sure that all of our clothes are carefully recycled meeting
a series of high quality standards, in order to make sure that they don’t only
look great, but are also durable.
Stop trying to fit in, and start getting inspired with Been Made, we ship